Pay Per Call

One type of information service that is offered is pay per call service. 900 numbers provide for this and carry a fee that is more than the actual cost of the call. The fee can be by the minute or it can be a flat fee. Some examples of services provided can include “adult” services, “chat” lines, and psychic advice.

Consumers call an advertised 900 phone number to receive the service or information offered. Usually the fee or per minute charge is billed to the telephone number from which the call was made and will appear on the regular monthly telephone bill.

Let Pay Per Call Fund Your Vacations
There are many types of entities that may be available to provide lawful information services. One of these entities is called a service bureau that can offer transmission and billing services. These service bureaus become the middleman between the information provider and the long distance company. To find one that offers the most for your investment dollar, do your comparison shopping on the Internet. There are frequently online specials offered that can save you a lot of money.

Let one of these service bureaus do all the management, billing, and collection of charges for your 900 business and all you have to do is let the pay per call money fill your bank account. You can find reputable service bureaus by searching the Internet and checking out the statistics. Have they been around for a long time? Do they have long-standing clients? Find one that suits you and you can be on your way to financial freedom and that vacation hitting the slopes.

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