Getting A 900 Number

Getting a 900 number is as easy as a-b-c. There are service bureaus that provide everything you need to get started with your 900 business. They provide a variety of options for setup. There are packages that are a turnkey program. This means that everything is provided and all you have to do is sign up and pay the fee.

There are packages that can be custom made to suit the particular desire you have for service. If you choose to do a live line, calls will be sent to either your local number or you can have operators that handle each call individually. For a recorded 900 line you should get a dedicated line and usually these calls are answered by a computer.

Getting a 900 Number Is Quick and Easy
Look for a reputable service bureau by checking their standing. How long have they been in service? Are there judgments against it for being involved in scams? Look for a history of long-term clients and recommendations. Included in the purchase should be life-long support for any problems you encounter with either the service or equipment.

The Internet is a great place to get all the answers you need to make an informed decision about getting a 900 number for your additional income. Say “good-bye” to the unwanted hassle of bumper-to-bumper traffic and say “hello” to that boating excursion you have always dreamed about. Get started today!!

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